The HG Logis platform was developed by Science Autrement, a subsidiary of the HAPIDIT Group.

HAPIDIT Group: Innovating for a better tomorrow

Since its creation, HAPIDIT Group's mission has been to position itself as a leader in innovation and technological development. Founded with the vision of bringing forward-thinking, sustainable solutions to contemporary issues, the Group has rapidly grown to extend its influence far beyond its original borders.

Our History

Born of the passion and determination of two young African entrepreneurs, HAPIDIT Group was established in Madagascar in 2021. Drawing on their training and experience in Canada, they identified unique opportunities to put technology at the service of the community. In 2022, recognizing the potential of the Canadian market, a subsidiary was established, strengthening our international presence.

Science Autrement: Our presence in West Africa

2023 marked a decisive turning point for HAPIDIT Group with the introduction of "Science Autrement", our subsidiary based in Benin. "Science Autrement" embodies our commitment to rethinking how science and technology can be used to generate positive impact. From Benin, we cover the whole West African region, offering solutions tailored to local needs, with a strong emphasis on training, skills transfer and sustainable development.

Our values

    Innovation: We believe that the best solutions come from innovative thinking.

    Integrity: Trust is at the heart of everything we do. We always act with honesty and transparency.

    Commitment: Our dedication to the cause is unwavering. Whether for our customers, our partners or the community, we give our best.

    Diversity: We value diversity of ideas, cultures and perspectives. It's what strengthens our identity and our approach.

Join us on our journey

HAPIDIT Group is more than a company. It's a vision, a commitment to a better future. Let's invite the future together, rethink technology, and shape a world where every innovation counts.